EXPERIMENTING: Looking into folk healing, astrology, I-ching. Playing with old concepts, techniques and making up new stuff

--Still confused?

 If you have questions, email me, or text me-- I might flake and not respond cuz I'm in hermit mode or out of the country


But hey. Figure, if you're here, you're most likely family, friends, and cool people I know. Those who---haven't jumped ship after I burned out and needed to head in a different direction. Thank you for being here.


You get the behind the scenes look at the research and development phase


The mountain of books, note cards, beating my head against the wall, the testing phase, oh shit moments, freakouts, self doubt, before figuring it all out


I'll be ready to officially launch in a year or so ---read: more like 10 years, cuz things usually take longer than expected to build--- maybe sooner if the downloads happen quicker


(Whether I --want--- to launch to the general public is a different story)


See ya soon

Tien Dinh,


Folk Healing~