MENU: Thai Bodywork + Shiatsu + Sound Healing


*My goal is to create a fun, unique, quirky experience that my friends and I will LOVE*

Available for family, friends, and by referral only

De-stress ~ 1hr

Repair ~ 1.5hr

Reboot ~ 2hr

Ancient Thai remedies got your back

* Pain in the neck and a headache too

* Tweaked my back

* Sore hips, quads and hamstrings

* Oh my aching feet
* How bout a bit of everything?


How long it takes? I have no idea. At least 3hrs


There will be hot compress, applications of homemade Tiger balm, Arnica cream, and other herbal remedies

Wanna blame the stars for your problems?

* Astrology reading

* Past life regression

* Present life inventory


Not available yet

Tien T. Dinh,

OR LMT#17374