EXPERIMENTING: playing with old concepts, techniques and making up new shit


 *something fun, unique, and quirky. Something fast, efficient, kinda-bat-shit but it works*

Tok Sen: where I hit you with a hammer. Or was that a mallet?---seriously---

Short on time? Body hurts? Try this!




Bada bing, bada boom

How's that for efficiency?

Therapeutic Thai + Shiatsu + Sound Healing

*De-stress ~ 1hr

*Repair ~ 1.5hr

*Reboot ~ 2hr


20 bucks extra to get me to quit singing--- for a while, at least

Ancient remedies

* Pain in the neck and a headache too

* Arm and shoulder jacked up

* Tweaked my back

* Sore hips, quads and hamstrings

* Oh my aching feet
* Fix it all, if you can


How long it takes? I have no idea. At least 3hrs


Used as needed: Hot compress, Tok Sen, stone tools, applications of homemade Tiger balm, Arnica cream, and other herbal remedies


Wanna blame the stars for your problems?

* Astrology reading


Not available yet

Tien T. Dinh,

OR LMT#17374