EXPERIMENTING: Looking into folk healing. Playing with old concepts, techniques and making up new stuff


What I ain't doing: That thing with the oil and long flowing strokes. Did that for 8 years. Retired. Time to move on. To other more interesting things

Tok Sen: Get hit with a hammer. Or a mallet?---seriously---

You can thank the monks of Northern Thailand for this technique. Percussion and vibration releases areas of tension and knots.


This version has a modern "hardware store" twist.

Don't know what it is? google it and find out


~15min Focus Session


Bada bing, bada boom

How's that for efficiency?

Gua Sha: Get scraped by a rock ( or a spoon )

Folk medicine to get rid of muscle pain, the common cold, and pretty much anything that ails you. Might leave a bruise, though


Grandma used a soup spoon to do the same job


~15min Focus Session

Crystal Healing: Get poked by a crystal

Can a pointed quartz relieves pain? Heck yea! Delivers more power per square inch than thumb pressure.


A tool for acupressure and releasing trigger points to relax tight, cranky muscles


Any ol' stick will do, but a crystal looks cooler


~15 min Focus session

Thai Stretching + Shiatsu + Tok Sen, etc

A mish-mash of eastern modalities slung together. Session is customizable, sorta


*De-stress ~ 1hr

*Repair ~ 1.5hr

*Reboot ~ 2hr

Ancient remedies

How long it takes? I have no idea. At least 3hrs. Ancient people have more time, I guess

* Fix it all, if you can


Used as needed: Hot compress, Tok Sen, stone tools, applications of homemade Tiger balm, Arnica cream, and other herbal remedies


Wanna blame the stars for your problems?

* Astrology reading


Not available yet

--Still confused? If you have questions, email me, or text me-- I might flake and not respond cuz I'm in hermit mode.


But hey. Figure, if you're here, you're most likely family, friends, and cool people I know. You get the behind the scenes look at the research and development phase.


The mountain of books, note cards, beating my head against the wall, the testing phase, oh shit moments, freakouts, self doubt, before figuring it all out


I'll be ready to officially launch in a year or so, maybe sooner


See ya soon

Tien Dinh,

OR LMT#17374