Which Massage is Right for Me?

If You...

Prefer a Massage with Oil
It's like the Vanilla Ice cream of massage. It is basic. People know what it is. It  feels good and is very popular. I've done more Swedish/ Deep Tissue massage in my career than anything else. At this point, my  hands can basically target tight muscles with laser like precision.
Enjoy Stretching on a Mat in Yoga Clothes
The cool thing about Thai Massage is the varied position a person can transition through during a massage. On the mat, I can leverage body weight to get pressure. With a receiver larger than me, I can walk on backs and thighs during a session.
Thai Massage is more dynamic than Swedish/ Deep Tissue. The receiver moves through many different stretches in a session. Those stretches are paired with palm presses and thumb presses to loosen up knots in muscles.
There are stretches and presses that addresses a host of chronic pains like tight Shoulders, Neck and Low back that are not accessible with Swedish/ Deep Tissue.
To me, Thai Massage is more varied and fun than Swedish/ Deep Tissue. I've learned over 4+hrs of sequence. Tell me which areas you want focus and I'll tailor a session to you.
Want a Massage with Structure and prefer to Keep your Clothes on

Shiatsu Massage


I like Shiatsu Kata for its choreographed sequence. The moves are numbered and performed in the same order every time. It is predictable, rhythmic, methodical, and goes at a faster tempo than Thai Massage.


Shiatsu is the massage I get if I want to relax, recharge, and then do stuff afterwards. It is a balancing massage that harmonizes and energizes the body.

Tien T. Dinh, OR LMT#17374

~ Rachel


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