Do NOT get a Massage If

You feel sick or feverish.

You've recently been injured in a major accident.

The area in question is hot, angry, and swollen.


Check with a doctor. Look into icing, resting it up, etc.


If the area is sore, tight or knotted but isn't hot or swollen, it's usually fine to massage.


Know your body. Always communicate if you would like more or less pressure.


Even if parts of you are injured, Massage is usually okay on Areas not acutely injured

Massage aids the healing process by helping the body out of "fight or flight" mode into "rest and digest" mode, a state where the body repairs itself.


Areas that are hot and swollen should receive very light work to no work until the swelling ceases. The area might be tight and guarded for a good reason. At this point, it is not advisable to do any  significant work locally.


The Magic ingredient here is time. It takes time. Most injuries take about 2 weeks to clear. Sometimes, less.


Even when there are no interventions, the body heals itself. It heals faster when aided by proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, and a peaceful state of mind.


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~ Rachel


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