NEW! Shiatsu Massage

A General Massage that Relaxes and Energizes


Shiatsu utilizes thumb pressure, rocking, palm presses and stretching. Great for stress reduction and relaxation. Shiatsu originates in Japan and uses a sequence of moves based on the principles of Chinese Medicine.


Shiatsu Kata is a choreographed sequence. Short Form takes about 1hr to complete and Long Form takes over 2hrs. This form is done over clothing on a mat on the floor. It does not use oil.


Barefoot Shiatsu is a variation that uses mainly the feet to deliver deep pressure. Includes back walking option.


Pricing on Short Form Kata @ $40, limited time

Traditional Thai Stretching Massage

Like Yoga done for you


Developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand  2,500 years ago as a healing modality, Thai massage takes the receiver through poses that Stretches the body while working the muscles with compression and finger pressure along acupressure points meridians. This massage  uses both hands and feet to deliver pressure and is done at floor level on a Mat.


Thai massage is useful for promoting flexibility, balancing the body and reducing pain.


Thai Massage does not use oil. Client to bring comfortable, stretchy clothing to session.

Please Note:

My massages are Therapeutic and nonsexual. Draping (i.e. clothing or fabric covering body) is Required. Disrespectful inquiries will not be answered.


I do not do out calls or insurance billing.

Tien T. Dinh, LMT#17374

~ Rachel


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