1.20.20 *Moon*

Sun: 0 Aqu
Moon: 10 Sag
Phase: Waning Crescent
First day of Aquarius. Yay! A breath of fresh air. Breathe in the new. The strange. The crazy. 
Moon in Sagittarius is fun. Flighty. Philosophical.
The Moon sextile mercury. It's a good day to talk. About your feelings.
Say.. how are your feelers?
Take a moment to check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Are you doing okay? Are you happy? Is this situation working for you? Journal. Talk to a friend

1.19.20 *Sun*

Sun: 29 Cap

Moon: 26 Sco

Phase: Waning Crescent


Last day of Sun in Capricorn. Relieved? Just one more day of mad work. Scorpio lends the morning to focus before becoming a little bit scattered by afternoon.


Sun conjunct Mercury. Time for some independent thinking. Smarty Pants. You got opinions. Strong ones, at that. But remember ... people have their opinions too. And they aren't always the same.


Them f*ckers might be idiots. Or they might just see things from a different perspective. One you haven't, and may never consider


Mercury recently moved into Aquarius inciting rebellious energy. Game for pissing people off being eccentric? More of that to come



How do you deal with people who don't think the same as you? Do you talk to them. Hear their point of view. Stay curious. Find middle ground. Or you avoid them like the next locus epidemic.


There's no right answer. Unless you ask your social justice professor. But let's not ask her. What option is best to take care of you?


How'd it go?

1.18.20 *Saturn*

Sun: 28 Cap

Moon: 13 Sco

Phase: 3rd Quarter


Sun in Capricorn is nearing the tail end of being practical and getting stuff done.

Moon in Scorpio is focused. Deep. And maybe a bit macabre.


Saturn squares Uranus. Saturn likes old stuff. Uranus likes new stuff. Maybe they can get along. Or not. Change can be rough. But sometimes it's necessary. Won't you welcome it?



Take a sip of tea/coffee/hot chocolate. Remember the person you were 10 years ago.

Then acknowledge the person you are right now.

Who's that person you want to be 10 years into the future?


Acknowledge all that's changed. All that stayed the same. All that's still aching for change


How'd it go?

1.17.20 *Venus* THIRD QUARTER

Sun: 27 Cap

Moon: 29 Lib

Phase: 3rd Quarter


Venus in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.
This is  a nice configuration. Beauty and idealism meets High standards and Luxury. It's a great time to treat yourself to something nice. If the work-a-holic in you can spare some time to do it
OR. You're going to build something Nice. That's Beautiful. And Luxurious. If that's the case. Get to it!
Take a candle lit bubble bath with salts and essential oils. Soft music. A relaxing beverage. Spend at least half an hour there.
The waning moon is good for getting rid of stuff you no longer want. Or need. What do you want to release?


How'd it go?

1.16.20 *Jupiter*

Sun: 26 Cap

Moon: 15 Lib

Phase: Waning Gibbous


Jupiter in Capricorn squares Moon in Libra. There's a desire to look good and be respected. The iron fist covered in a glove of goose feathers approach. Alright. If a little bit of tact and diplomacy gets the job done, so be it.


There might be a tendency to overindulge. Capricorn likes quality and has expensive taste. Libra likes pretty things in matching colors. Perhaps you can shop for things that are pretty AND practical



Learn to set healthy boundaries and look good doing it. First step. Recall the last time you got really angry. Why? What boundaries in you did that person or event violate? How did you deal with it? If that happened again, what would you do differently?


How'd it go?

1.15.20 *Mercury*

Sun: 24 Cap

Moon: 0 Lib

Phase: Waning Gibbous


Moon moves into Libra marks a breath of fresh air. New ideas. Things might look prettier. More soothing. Peaceful. We're in the home stretch of sun in Capricorn-- 5 more days. The time to work yourself to the bone is now


Mercury squares Uranus in earth signs. Thoughts and ideas may be genius. Rebellious. And shocking. While remaining practical



Been aching to tidy up the house? The broom is over there. Donate what you don't need to a charity. Any horrible thoughts playing loops in your brain making you miserable with no added benefits? Throw that out, too. While you're at it


How'd it go?

1.14.20 *Mars*

Sun: 23 Cap

Moon: 16 Vir

Phase: Waning Gibbous


Practicality meets details today. You could get a lot done. Or feel paralyzingly anxious that what you did isn't good enough. Lets hope you get a lot done. Cause there's a lot of earth energy in the skies


Mars loosely squares Neptune. Do you feel like being disillusioned by the masculine or idealizing the masculine? Neptune dives deep into illusions, dreams and idealism. And real life is--at times-- rather disappointing compared to what it could be.


Ritual: Write down all the ways people have disappointed. Even the most petty ones. Like a friend not returning your email. The cat pissing on boots. In your closet. On your clothes. Anything. Take a moment to feel pissed off and hurt about it. Then throw that list in the fire. Or imagine doing so. Feel the warmth of the fire. Let that hurt go. You're gonna be okay


How'd it go?

1.13.20 *Moon*

Sun: 22 Cap

Moon: 1 Vir

Phase: Waning Gibbous


Moon in Virgo today. Time to get analytical. Critical. And be a neat freak. What is it that you need to do again? That you haven't been doing? Virgo is obsessed with health. So maybe eat a salad or something.


The Sun. Pluto. And Saturn are exactly conjunct today. In Capricorn. It's like the light. the darkness. and an old stern decision maker are joining forces to get something done. I'm not sure what that is.


Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Sagittarius. So... while you may notice where other people fall short and are itching to tell them all about it. They might not wanna hear it right now. Your sense of humor might be able to get you out of hot waters if you stick your foot in your mouth. Maybe.


Then again, sometimes people do need to know the truth. Good luck with that.



Self delusion is awesome. It's a coping mechanism. If you can't deal with the truth? Don't. Deal with things LATER. When you have time. Well, what if NOW is the time to deal with it? If so. Ask yourself: What inconvenient truth am I reluctant to face?


How'd it go?

1.12.20 *Sun*

Sun: 21 Cap

Moon: 17 Leo

Phase: Waning Gibbous


Practicality and Fun together. Get shit done and have fun at the same time? That would be awesome. Maybe you can trick yourself into having a good time if it's a drag.


Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces. This is where practicality meets idealism. Perhaps an altruistic spirit. Or perhaps all around self deception about motives and why the hell you did whatever you did. You can delude yourself into thinking whatever the hell you want.


The "truth" = at times relative


If you were to get practical. It might be best to delude yourself into being happy, productive, and more at peace with yourself



Purposefully delude yourself. Contemplate whatever shitty thing that's ever happened to you. Put a bow on it and tell yourself that its occurrence has made you a stronger, wiser, better, or whatever person. Do it!


How'd it go?

1.11.20 *Saturn*

Sun: 20 Cap

Moon: 2 Leo

Phase: Waning Gibbous


Sun in Capricorn wants work done. 9 More days of this work-work-work energy. Before Aquarian energy takes over and makes life rather strange and electrifying.

Moon in Leo lends generosity and drama. Feel like telling a tall tale? Go for it!


Saturn conjuncts Pluto EXACTLY from the 7th till the 14th. On the mind is the topic of  responsibility and power. Saturn prefers there to be order. Things done responsibly.


Pluto brings up the murkier intents behind power. How power corrupts. Can those in power be trusted?


Both Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn


Capricorn is the mercenary of the zodiac. It's hard working. And quite powerful. The darker side of this energy is that... The ends often times justify the means. And lying, cheatin' and other unsavory things = just how it does business


Ritual: Get cozy with your dark side. The dark side you hate in others also exists in you. If you did something you ain't too proud of. Forgive yourself. It's probably the best option you knew of at the time. You're older now. Wiser. And today is another day


How'd it go?

1.10.20 *Venus* FULL WOLF MOON * LUNAR ECLIPSE (partial)

Sun: 19 Cap

Moon: 18 Can

Phase: Full


A time to examine Work/Life balance. Is there such thing? If you're one of those people who've mastered the art of the balance. Good for you!


Venus in Aquarius loves strange unusual things. Which might cause tension with Mars in Sagittarius who wants to be loud, philosophical and blunt. Overshare? Not everyone wants to know what you're in to. That's too bad, though. Cause it might be rather intriguing. Or shocking


Ritual: This Full Moon. Contemplate Work Life balance. Full Moons are great for determining what you want. And Going for it. So get clear on what it is you want.


Check out the Full Moon Ritual for this occasion


How'd it go?

1.9.20 *Jupiter*

Sun: 18 Cap

Moon: 4 Can

Phase: Full


Capricorn energy wants to work and get shit done. And there's a lot of that energy in the skies right now. A Lot. Like 5 planets worth.


Jupiter in Capricorn indicates you probably feel best at work anyway. But alas.


Moon in Cancer wants to stay home. Get cozy. Feel emotionally nourished. Strike a balance if you can... but I think odds are. You might find yourself busting tails at work. Wishing you were still in bed.


How'd it go?


1.8.20 *Mercury*

Sun: 17 Cap

Moon: 21 Gem

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


Productivity and results are important this month. For today, there's a tendency to talk talk talk. Multitask and explore all sorts of ideas.


Mercury in Capricorn conjunct the sun: There's a desire to share your point of view and be taken seriously. Say what you mean to say


Ritual: Slow down your thoughts. Meditate on them. How much of what you think. Do you think. Is actually true. Ask:  "Am I telling myself a story that isn't actually true?" Can I take what I say seriously?


How'd it go?

1.7.20 *Mars*

Sun: 16 Cap

Moon: 7 Gem

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


Earth Energy in the sky. Opportune time to Get shit done. If you feel like it


Mars in Sagittarius. There's energy. To do stuff. Or get pissed off about the state of the world. Sagittarius is blunt in telling the truth. Which isn't what everyone wants to hear. So be careful


Mars opposite Moon might indicate a period where you get angry. Your drive to get stuff done might need to make concessions with what you actually feel like doing.


Ritual: Lot of things to do? Not sure where to start? For today. If you wanna. Take a break. Think about what you want to do and why you want to do it. Maybe you won't get anything done. If you do scrounge up the focus to get something done. Good for you!


How'd it go?

1.6.20 *Moon*

Sun: 15 Cap

Moon: 25 Tau

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


Still a lot of earth energy in the sky. Enough said about that. Make a list. Get productive. Eat good food


Moon in Taurus squares Venus in Aquarius. There's a desire for peace and cooperation that might be at odds with the spirit of rebellion and being a weirdo. Perhaps a love for beautiful and strange things. Being oversensitive might be a problem.


Ritual: Get out the broom and clean house? Just kidding. Though that's always a possibility. How about: Meditate on where you want comfort and stability in your life. Meditate on where you want radical change in your life. Decide what it is that you want right now and a few ideas on how to proceed.


How'd it go?

1.5.20 *Sun*

Sun: 14 Cap

Moon: 12 Tau

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


Still a lot of Earth energy in the skies. So keep getting shit done and being practical


In addition. Sun Conjunct Pluto for most of January. Both in Capricorn. There's a need to be quiet. Private. And dig a little deep. To the dark side. The underbelly of the human experience. And perhaps do something about it


Today is the day to do something. Perhaps some introspection. Bum yourself out about the state of the world if you wanna. There's light for sure. But if you look closely, you'll see the other stuff as well


Ritual: How about clean the house. That's as good a ritual as any. Relieves stress to tidy up. Throw stuff out. De-clutter your house. De-clutter your mind.


The hidden part of the human experience I don't want people to see is the state of my living room right now


But alas, I'm being superficial. There's definitely stuff out there that exists that aren't pleasant to think about. Would you choose to confront them?


How'd it go?



1.4.20 *Saturn*

Sun: 13 Cap

Moon: 0 Tau

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


Still a lot of earth energy in the sky. Five in Capricorn. 2 In Taurus.


Capricorn energy wants productivity. Taurus energy want to take it slow and enjoy good food.


Today is the day to be productive and eat well


Ritual: Make a list of what needs to be done. Get some work done. Then pamper yourself. Take a luxurious bath. Candle lit, preferred. Find something really yummy to eat. Eat it slowly, savoring every bite


How'd it go?

1.3.20 *Venus*

Sun: 12 Cap

Moon: 18 Ari

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


There's a lot of Capricorn energy happening today. With the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto all in Capricorn. This is the practical, organized, get shit done energy.


So I say today is the perfect day to get shit done. Make a to do list. And get to work!


Ritual: Drink some coffee.... then Unload the Dishwasher. Clean the kitchen. Do some laundry. Feel free to add on to this list. Sometimes witchcraft rituals are code for... give me that broom. I gotta clean house


How'd it go?


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