2.25.20 *Mars*

Sun: 6 Pis

Moon: 29 Pis

Phase: Waxing Crescent

~Theme: Wake up. Time to slowly get yourself rolling


Time to get out of dream land and into the real world. Wake up. And get going. By afternoon the moon will be in Aries. The sign of energy and ambition. So get up and do something today


Mars sextile Mercury. Sharp wit. Check. Fast mind. Check. Road rage. Check. This is a good day for honest communication. Sometimes people need to hear the truth. Be as kind as possible when offering criticism.


You don't always have say, but if you do... you tell em how you really feel. Which can be a courageous thing to do


Ritual: Use your sharp mind today. What don't you want to hear today from that inner critic. AND find the side of you that can defend yourself against your inner worst critic. Name all the reasons why you are enough. And that whatever you are working on will work out for the best

2.24.20 *Moon*

Sun: 5 Pis

Moon: 17 Pis

Phase: New

~Theme: Rest


Energy might be low today. Relax. Recharge


Moon Conjunct Neptune. Want to watch a whole lot of TV today? Movies? Youtube Videos? Today is the day. Or you could escape somewhere. Or do something creative. Whatever it is, do your best to nurture yourself


Ritual: Nurture Yourself


2.23.20 *Sun*

Sun: 4 Pis

Moon: 5 Pis

Phase: New Moon

~Themes: Endings, Rest now


The New Moon in Pisces is a time to turn inward. Pisces is all about dreams, illusions, the realm between worlds. It's a time to get inspiration or receive messages from the world beyond.


Sun Conjunct Mercury. Today is a day to talk about dreams. Illusions. Pisces is the sign that ties up all the loose ends before moving on. It's the sign of conclusions. Are there anything you wish to conclude in your life this new moon? Anything you've been aching to let go of? Now is the time


Ritual: Contemplate what you would like to release in order to make space in your life for something new. It's like clearing your deck. It's necessary to release the old so that new things can emerge. Are you ready?

2.22.20 *Saturn*

Sun: 3 Pis

Moon: 23 Aqu

Phase: Waning Crescent


There's a lot of Earth energy in the skies today, the energy of productivity. At the same time, the moon is getting dark, meaning it's a time to rest. So perhaps you gotta get shit done using less energy. Perhaps determine what's truly important, and doing just that. There's not much energy to spare


Saturn squares Uranus. It makes sense how a rebel can clash with authority. Such is the story of Uranus and Saturn. Find the place in you that really hates being told what to do. Find the place in you that really hates when people break the rules. It's maddening on both sides. How do you make peace with your inner rebel and your inner disciplinarian?


Ritual: Take out a piece of paper and write down your to do list. Circle the items that must be done today else really bad stuff will happen. And... cross out as many items that you don't even want to do today and write next to it. F*ck that. Not doin' it. Not today.

2.21.20 *Venus*

Sun: 2 Pis

Moon: 10 Aqu

Phase: Waning Crescent

~Theme: Finish up what you started. Then rest up


You might be getting some genius ideas right about now. Take out a note pad and write down your dreams. Your sudden flash of insights. It might be a genie pointing you to the next big thing.


Venus squares Jupiter. You love big. Great. And all that jolliness of Jupiter might cause you to indulge much. On food. Stuff. Not that it's a bad thing. Just be careful to indulge in moderation. What is moderation you ask? Good question. Maybe this configuration doesn't do moderation


Ritual: Yes, balancing the budget is great. But... sometimes you gotta follow your whims. You like what you like. And when something calls to you, sometimes you gotta go for it. If it turns out not so great, maybe the long term benefits will be amazing. Either way, you'll learn something. Go for it!

2.20.20 *Jupiter*

Sun: Pis

Moon: 28 Cap

Phase: Waning Crescent

~Theme: Let it go... and rest. OR finish things up already


Today is a good day to be idealistic AND practical. Pisces is a dreamer. Capricorn makes it happen. It's  great combo to make dreams come true.


Jupiter sextile Neptune. Your dreams are big alright. Maybe they'd actually come true with a whole lot of work, luck, and elbow grease. It's okay to dream big. Just realize that sometimes... when your dreams come true, they might not be what you expected.


Ritual: Stay in bed a little longer. Quiet down. Rest up. It's okay to rest.



2.19.20 *Mercury*

Sun: 0 Pis

Moon: Cap

Phase: Waning Crescent

~ Theme: Hunker down. Reflect. Get rid of stuff you don't need


Pisces sun, Capricorn moon. Today is the day to have idealism with practicality. It's also a day where your thinking could be distorted since mercury is in Pisces and also in retrograde


Mercury Conjunct Neptune. A great day to communicate with mystical creativity. Be careful with martyrdom and avoid drinking too much.


Ritual: Take a bath to release all the stuff you don't need anymore. All the horrible distorted thinking we inflict on ourselves, let it go. Clear them out with soap and water. Let it go.

2.18.20 *Mars*

Sun: 29 Aqu

Moon: 3 Cap

Phase: Waning Crescent

~Theme: Release what is no longer needed. Quiet down. Reflect


Mercury is in retrograde since yesterday till March 20. Yippee. So, watch out for miscommunications and check documents twice before signing


Last day of Aquarius sun with Capricorn moon. It's a day to be weird and also organized. You want to do your paperwork in a tutu. Okay, then. Rock that.


Mars moved into Capricorn today. There's a slow burn of determination. You get shit done one way or another. It might take a while. But it'll get done.


Mars Trine Uranus, in earth. You'll get strange stuff done, I guess. Slow and steady, you'll make your strangest dreams come true


Ritual: First up. Take some time to get rid of 1 item you no longer need. Chuck em. Easy enough.


Then, you quiet down and ponder what strange stuff you want in your life. The ones you don't really want other people to know about... because that'll make you strange.


Your brain will want to say "no, not practical, not possible" That's okay if it isn't practical or possible. For now, just dream up the stuff. Write it down. Revisit this list later. Perhaps by then it'll be possible

2.17.20 *Moon*

Sun: 28 Aqu

Moon: 20 Sag

Phase: Waning Crescent

~ Theme: Wind down. Settle up loose ends


Let your ambitions be big. Let your humanitarian side shine. There is a tendency to be detached. Because, when you look at the big picture, the petty shit don't matter. But for the people living it, it so matters. In a BIG way, too. So be aware of that


Moon Square Neptune. Your dreams are grand. There's a tendency to get carried away with your idealism. Big dreams can come with big disappointments. The real world can be horribly disappointing. Then again, it might surprise you with unexpected acts of kindness that brings tears to your eyes


Ritual: Take a look at the petty shit that don't really matter in the big picture. But is causing you grief now. Jealousy. Envy. Greed. And all the other petty vices that seem ridiculous when you see them from a detached place. Accept that you are human. Take a bath. Scrub your body with salt. If you have cuts on you, they will sting.


Find a way to nurture yourself. Build yourself up. Heal those wounds, whatever they may be. Because... if you weren't wounded. It wouldn't have stung in the first place

2.16.20 *Sun*

Sun: 27 Aqu

Moon: 7 Sag

Phase: Third Quarter

~ Theme: Let go of shit you don't need


The tail end of Aquarius. With Moon in Sagittarius. Lending some free-spirited good will. Happy stuff.


Sun in Aquarius sextile Mars. It's a good time focus. Your drive to do stuff is likely to be strong today. Perhaps you want to travel and explore new ideas. If you want to travel far, sometimes you have to pack light.


Ritual: Energy is waning so focus on what it is you want to accomplish. Talk about it to friends. Or write about it in a journal. When you're clear on what you want. Do that thing!

2.15.20 *Saturn*

Sun: 26 Aqu

Moon: 23 Sco

Phase: Thrid Quarter

~Theme: Release the old. Finish what you started.


Be strange and off beat. Feel Deeply. Sometimes it hurts to feel that deeply. Aquarius is detached when it comes to feelings. It's like being burned one too many times to care. Feelings? WHY? They just get in the way.


But the yearning for connection is real. So whatcha gonna do?


Saturn Conjunct Pluto. There's a lot of deep responsibility going on. Perhaps there's a responsibility to transform darkness into light. To go to the underworld and make it out the other side.


Ritual: Ponder what darkness you have deep in your underworld that needs transformation. What pains exists that needs healing. Notice the pain. Feel the pain. Release the pain. Scrub yourself with salt mixed with oil. Wash it all away

2.14.20 *Venus*

Sun: 25 Aqu

Moon: 9 Sco

Phase: Waning Gibbous

~Theme: Complete what you started. Release what no longer serves


Sun in Aquarius. Moon in Scorpio. Could it be you feel the need to self destruct and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. To be transformed into something new.


Or could you feel the pull to focus your energy on a strange new endevor few would understand


Venus conjunct Chiron. It's possible that your love life might be one of your deepest wounds. And it's true. Accept it.


If you feel awesome around someone. One day, they'll make you feel awful. Either they die, or the person they used to be dies leaving behind someone you don't really know.


Ritual: So yeah. This Valentines Day. With a moon in macabre Scorpio. Remember to savor the moments with those you love. Really LOVE them. Cherish them every moment that you can be together

2.13.20 *Jupiter*

Sun: 24 Aqu

Moon: 25 Lib

Phase: Waning Gibbous

~ Theme: Finish what you started. Tie up those loose ends


Communicate today. Perhaps about superficial things. What brings you joy? Talk about it


Jupiter Sextile Neptune. Your dreams are grand and idealistic but also grounded in practicality.


Ritual: Write down your dreams. Figure out how to make them practical. Real

2.12.20 *Mercury*

Sun: 10 Aqu

Moon: 10 Lib

Phase: Waning Gibbous

~ Theme: Finish what you started. Release stuff you don't need. 


Air is in the house. A lot of talk and mental energy in the heavens today. Talk about the strange. The beautiful.


Mercury in Pisces. Do you want to talk about your dreams? Or would you prefer to stay quiet and experience them for yourself.


Ritual: Journal about your dreams. Catch your thoughts on paper. What do you dream of? And can you make it real?

2.11.20 *Mars*

Sun: 22 Aqu

Moon: 25 Virg

Phase: Waning Gibbous

~Theme: Tie up loose ends from yester-years. Finish what you started. Put a nice bow on it when done


Keep plugging along with the details.


What weird heath fad are you into these days?


Do your best to be kind to yourself. BE AWARE that No matter what you do... it's a Virgo thing to never feel like you're doing enough. So... know that you are doing enough. That you are enough. Especially when you don't think you are


Mars square Moon. Your ambition is great. You like details. And grand adventures. You like to serve the world in some way. Great! In what way exactly?


That's the catch. You gotta figure out what it is you want to do. And some day. Soon. You're gonna have to decide what to focus on. And focus on that ONE thing


Ritual: Meditate. Focus. Focus on one thing. You can meditate in a bath tub if you'd like

2.10.20 *Moon*

Sun: 21 Aqu

Moon: 21 Virg

Phase: Waning Gibbous

~Theme: Get down to the details. Finish what you started


Today is the day to be detail oriented. Do your thing in a systematic detailed way. Maybe get some paper work in order. Tax prep anyone?


Moon opposite Mercury. This configuration can be tricky. Your might want to get things done today. Check off your to do list. But your brain might feel a little fuzzy. Like you want to go back to dream land and not deal with numbers. Be gentle with yourself... but at the same time. You gotta get shit done!


Ritual: Take good care of yourself in the am. Get enough sleep. Maybe stay a little longer in dreamland, if you can. Then. Get things done. 

2.9.20 *Sun*

Sun: 20 Aqu

Moon: 25 Leo

Phase: Full


Full moon. Sun in Aquarius. Moon in Leo. How strange can you be? How electric? How dramatic. Aquarius don't belong anywhere and maybe don't care. Leo wants to belong, and be popular too.


Sun opposite Moon. This is a challenging energy to blend.


When your need to stand out. be weird. and genius is met. You feel rather unloved and unsupported. Which is really difficult for Leo to take.


But when you feel loved and supported. You feel like your weirdo genius is being stifled. You don't get to be who you really are.


You are ACTING a part. To get the applause that would feed your ego. Silly Leo. But you know you do it. But is it what you want? Safe yes. But is it what really matters in the end?


Ritual: Calm the f* down. Energy is high. Leo is super sensitive to rejection. Aquarius is known for being misunderstood. Ouch. If you can't help feel both and If you don't feel good. Take care of yourself. Sleep. Eat well. It'll be okay. Tell yourself it'll all be okay

2.8.20 *Saturn*

Sun: 19 Aqu

Moon: 11 Leo

Phase: Full


Sun in Aquarius. Moon in Leo. The rebel and the drama queen. One is detached. The other one takes things too personally. One is cool as a cucumber. The other is passionate.


Joining these two energies, you have something quite unique. The weirdo who wants to re-invent the world to its liking. And take credit for it.


Saturn conjunct Pluto. Don't like being told what to do? Think you can do it better? Okay then. But demolishing something to rebuild it from scratch is a lot of work. And Chaos. And responsibility.


Ritual: Take a bath. Cause. Why not? Take a detached look at your life. Do it!


What are you happy with? What do you wanna change? Are you doing things you are passionate about? Or are you doing it for approval?


Aquarius don't give a shit what anyone thinks. Leo does. It's your call which side you gravitate to more.


Is your need for approval drowning your unique genius?


Or is your blatant disregard for people causing you to be... an ass-hat?


Somewhere in between? Both. Neither. Ponder it

2.7.20 *Venus*

Sun: 18 Aqu

Moon: 26 Can

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


A soft day today


Venus Trines Moon in water signs. It's a soft beautiful energy. Some idealistic mothering energy going on. Aquarius sun might be a bit detached but still cares about people. Maybe today is a good day to go mother yourself. Eat some comfort food. Tuck yourself into bed. Feel cozy and loved


Ritual: Do what makes you feel cozy and loved. Spend time at home. Researching weird stuff. 

2.6.20 *Jupiter*

Sun: 17 Aqu

Moon: 12 Can

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


How do you feel about being unique? Are your parenting style strange? Or is your family wacko? Today is a good day to contemplate how you can feel nurtured while being an off beat rebel


Jupiter Opposite Moon. There's a conversation about how your joy in working a lot is affecting you very real need to feel emotionally nurtured. At HOME.


Ritual: Spend more time at home. Can't do that? Okay... then... make like a crab and bring your home with you wherever you go. Maybe that was a turtle.


No can do? Then...Accept that right at this moment you are into work at the expense of home life. When you are at home, do your best to nurture yourself.


Figure out a way to get your emotional needs met before the lack of it bites you in the rear 

2.5.20 *Mercury*

Sun: 16 Aqu

Moon: 28 Gem

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


Today, watch for when your desire to communicate turns into a desire for stillness. Listening.


Mercury Trines Moon. There might be a desire to explore your feelings. Careful. These feelings can be subjective, though no less real.


Ritual: Write. Journal. If you care to, word vomit what you are feeling. Why you are feeling it. And does it make any sense to you? Even if logically you "shouldn't" be feeling that way... and you are. Ponder why. And dive a little deeper. Then close the book and take a bath


How'd it go?


2.4.20 *Mars*

Sun: 15 Aqu

Moon: 15 Gem

Phase: Waxing Gibbous


Wanna talk today? Sure. Talk.


Mars opposite Moon. There's a tendency to feel grumpy and irritable today. Careful with your words while being a grump. They can hurt other's feelings. But then again... maybe they need to hear what you mean. It's your call


Ritual: Do your best not to make major decisions when you're angry. You're usually less smart in that moment. Excuse yourself. Use the facilities. Calm down. Stall for time. Think it through

2.3.20 *Moon*

Sun: 14 Aqu

Moon: 2 Gem

Waxing Gibbous


Oh boy. Aquarius and Gemini love to talk. About ideas. About more ideas. Weird cults? Let's talk about it!


Moon in Gemini squares Mercury in Pisces. Perhaps it's time to talk about your feelings. About religion. About spirituality. Or about relationships. Talk about it.


This might be a bit challenging depending on who you talk to. But if you keep an open mind and see where the other person is coming from. Maybe it won't be too challenging. Or um... talk about stuff to people who already believe all the crazy stuff you believe. And then it'll be easier


Ritual: List all the things you think other people are crazy for believing. List all the crazy things you believe that you think are crazy and will keep on believing.


Then burn both list and say... "you don't reason with crazy." Well, you can. It might be a waste of time

2.2.20 *Sun*

Sun: 13 Aqu

Moon: 20 Tau

Phase: First Quarter


Energy is increasing. Can you feel it? Though you might feel more like a homebody today than going out


Sun squares Moon. Ah yes. Tension. When your emotional needs are met, you feel stifled. Bored. When your urge to run wild and free and wild are met. You feel emotionally unsafe. What do you do?


Ritual: Feel into the part of you that needs freedom. And feel into the part of you that needs comfort and security. Do you feel these parts of you at play in your life?


Can they co-exist? If you had to choose what will it be?


Well... you can't choose without cutting off a part of yourself. So... how will you honor both parts of you?

2.1.20 *Saturn*

Sun: 12 Aqu

Moon: 8 Tau

Phase: First Quarter


Today is a day to take it slow. Eat good food. Talk to friends about strange ideas you might be having


Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. It's a serious time to question the authority. Capricorn is a mercenary. Quite ruthless, if unbalanced. Can justify just about any action. This can be scary. Not sure what to do about that. Say... what do you do when you have feelings of dread?


Ritual: Go have dinner with a partner or a friend. And TALK. About your hopes. Your fears. With your mouth stuffed with food.