Thai Yoga

Like yoga done for you


Developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand  2,500 years ago.
Relax into yoga poses while hands and feet press along acupressure points and energy lines. Useful for promoting flexibility, balancing the body and reducing pain.
Table-on-the-floor setup with cushions for coziness and comfort.
Arnica cream helps heal sore muscles.

What to Wear to Session:

Picture yourself at the park on a hot day. Shorts and a tank top? Perfect. PJ's? Sure. Yoga pants? Cool.  Carhartts and a puffy jacket? Ok, if that's how you roll.


I do have some Thai Fisherman pants on standby- they're supposed to be cotton, but feels more like polyester (read: scratchy). Best you wear something comfy.

Astrology + Sound Healing

Working on it


I don't do out calls or insurance billing. Last time I checked, they don't cover yoga, sound healing, or astrology.

Tien T. Dinh,

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