Bucket List

*Study Thai massage with an old Thai medicine woman

*Yoga Teacher Training in India

*Motorcycle tour internationally (learn how to ride on the wrong side of the rode)

*See where this road leads


Travel the world and feel at home in it

Self sovereignty

--to be at home in myself

Thailand 2018

13: Where an old Thai woman tortures your feet with a wooden tool

I'm really loving the foot massage I'm learning here. By foot massage, I mean massages where I step on people with my feet while using two wooden sticks to balance. I've learned different ways to step on people and it feels amazing.


Today, this dude who had giant feet, one of which pretty much covers most of my back worked on me. It felt amazing. Well, provided he doesn't fall on me.


The pressure was deep and diffused, not at all pokey, like thumb pressure could feel.


I haven't learned anything reflexology related this trip. I did get a reflexology session once, while being bitten by mosquitoes.


Back story: Ten years ago, he-who-shall-not-be-named came back from Thailand telling me he hated reflexology. Me, never having gotten reflexology before, asked why? He hold me reflexology is where an old Thai woman tortures your feet with a wooden tool. He wasn't a fan. I laughed. Seriously? I thought he was joking. Okay, now I get it.


Verdict: I don't really like getting jabbed in the foot with a wooden tool. No matter how gentle. Even if it's good for me. Besides, I prefer getting Thai Bodywork more, so I'm sticking with that.


Going though life being reflexology illiterate is fine with me. Cause, really, I don't like working on feet. I prefer to step on people's feet more so than rubbing their feet with my hands. The latter is hard work, okay, maybe not as hard as construction, but still.


Truth is, working at the foot spa does cause my arms to go numb at night. And I've only been there for 2 months.

Tien T. Dinh,

OR LMT#17374