About Tien "Rachel" Dinh

I came to the idea of becoming a massage therapist in the mountains after saying farewell to my boring but stable job at UPS to go backpacking for 2 weeks.


Contemplating what to do with my life, I wanted to try something new. The idea came to me and the timing seemed right.


After I got back from the mountains that fall, I enrolled at Oregon School of Massage. I hit the books, and little over a year later, I got my license. 


The start of my career was a learning experience about boundaries, limits, and dealing with interesting people. While figuring out what kind of practice I wanted, I worked briefly at Massage Envy, and then with a Chiropractor.


It was a process, and slowly I learned what it took to do the work and not hurt myself in the process.


I wanted to work in a Relaxed, Cozy environment with a lot of Fun energy and Humor. And to have enough time off to nurture myself and explore my Adventurous side.


The idea of visiting new places and studying Ancient Healing techniques and rituals seems exciting. Though going some place new and relaxing sounds fun too.


I have been doing this work for over 7 years now. Funny how time flies.


Tucked away, My office is a peaceful Sanctuary where people can Relax, Unwind, and find Balance.


Stop on by!



Tien T. Dinh, LMT#17374

~ Rachel


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"What should you do with THIS life?" I wondered.


Walking amongst the Ancient Ruins, the Dinosaur Bones,


Life seems quite short, Somewhat meaningless.


But I got TIME, still.


I'm still breathing.


What do I WANT to do with my time?