I'm getting ready to Leave again

Thailand awaits. I'll be diving more into Tok Sen this trip. And taking time out to feel some direction


Like, is this what I want to do with my life?


Does anybody want/need what it is I --want-- to offer?


How much time do I need to develop this product?


And... Do I really want to work with the general public again?

Or am I happier, safer, more comfortable just working with family, friends, and people I know directly


Maybe... Keep the day job indefinitely, and then do this like Art


As an expression of my interests that doesn't have to make any money, or be what anyone else wants it to be


It just has to be true to me, and my vision. nothing more. nothing less


The current research phase is lovely. Traveling to learn stuff, I feel alive


In libraries, perusing through books. Highlighter in hand


Putting the phone on Do-Not-Disturb


It feels nice to be in hermit mode and I'm not ready to move onto the next step quite yet

Tien Dinh,

(In process:


Yoga Teacher

Catalyst for Healing)


CHt, OR LMT#17374